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Roman Port Facilities Emerge Under Archaeological Investigation

This is an excerpt from: Roman Port Facilities Emerge Under Archaeological Investigation: Known as Vada Volaterrana, it has been identified as a key port system located in present-day Tuscany, Italy, used anciently by the Romans of the city of Volaterrae (today’s Volterra) for the import and export of trade goods throughout the Mediterranean. The main […]

Archaeologists find ‘oldest’ Roman irrigation system

From Cambridge University archaeologists find ‘oldest’ Roman irrigation system: Excavations at a Cambridge University development have revealed what archaeologists believe is Britain’s oldest-known Roman irrigation system. Planting beds and pit wells were unearthed at the North West Cambridge site near Huntingdon Road. Chris Evans from the university’s archaeological unit said they dated from between 70 […]

Portus Romae - Roman Empire

Roman Empire Archeology News Today 2013-11-16

We have found 66 Roman Empire Archeology News today! Archaeologists uncover secrets of Portus, Roman child’s grave unearthed, Roman eagle sculpture and many more Roman Empire News! Roman Empire News and Archeology is dedicated to the promotion of the Roman Empire heritage. You will find here excerpts of the most relevant recent news but also some articles […]