Roman tile with dog paw prints

Roman Tile

This is an excerpt from: Leicester dig unearths Iron Age mint and Roman tile with dog paw prints | Leicester Mercury:

Archaeologists believe they might have stumbled across an Iron Age mint which produced gold and silver coins for the coveted Hallaton Treasure.

The dig at Blackfriars, in the city, unearthed coin mould fragments which, combined with evidence from previous excavations, seems to confirm the site was a 2,000-year-old Corieltauvi tribe mint.

The Corieltauvi controlled most of the East Midlands, with Leicester as its capital.

Archaeologists believe the Blackfriars site could have produced some of the 5,000 silver and gold coins found in 2000, near the Leicestershire village of Hallaton.

Senior project manager Nick Daffern said: “We’ve got over 20 coin moulds, which at an urban site like this is quite significant – a lot of them would have been damaged over time.

“This is an exciting find and gives us an idea of where some of the Hallaton Treasure actually comes from.”

The team also found a Roman tile in the northern half of the site, with what appear to be dog paw imprints embedded in the ceramic.

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