Unearthing Roman Maryport settlement

Unearthing Roman Maryport settlement

Unearthing Roman Maryport settlement

From: BBC News – Roman Maryport settlement: Unearthing a Roman civilian’s past:

An archaeological team is unearthing the remains of a Roman fort and settlement in the hope of gaining a better understanding of everyday Roman civilian life.

Oxford Archaeology (OA) and a team of volunteers are excavating an extramural settlement at Roman Maryport fort on the west coast of Cumbria.

Built high on the cliffs overlooking Solway Firth, it is believed the fort was founded in the First Century AD when the Roman army initially entered the region.

Now, a project is being undertaken to explore part of the fort’s civilian settlement to “build up a picture” of what ordinary life was like.

Believed to be founded before 120 AD during the reign of Emperor Hadrian, historians say the stone fort was an “integral part” in coastal defences extending down the Cumbrian coast from Hadrian’s Wall.

The civilian settlement, which lies north-east of the fort, is believed to be the largest currently known along the Hadrian’s Wall frontier.

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